A history of structures at Upper Fort Garry, Winnipeg, 1835-87

Loewen, Brad and Gregory G. Monks

This research monograph discusses the architecture of Upper Fort Garry from the viewpoint of the economic and political situations. The history of the building is looked at, with the date of construction, the occupants, the function of the building, and the impacts involved. The monograph begins with an Introduction, then is divided into sections: 1) Construction for Retail (Fur Trade Administration and Civil Government: 1835-46, Functions and Overview of Construction, Stores, Dwelling Houses, Walls and Bastions); 2) The Effects of Military Occupation 1846-49 (Overview of Construction and Sources, Renovations inside the Fort, Stores, Walls and Bastions); 3) Competition 1849-57 (Construction, Walls, Flood Damage and Drains, Office, Dwelling Houses; 4) Entrepot for the North-West 1858-70 (construction related to the Royal Canadian Rifles); 5) Decline and Demolition 1871-87 (construction and demolition, Denouement). There are also Appendices, diagrams, illustrations, floor plans, maps and photographs.

Loewen, Brad and Gregory G. Monks. 1986. A history of structures at Upper Fort Garry, Winnipeg, 1835-87. Ottawa: Environment Canada, Parks Service.
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