North/South Access Road Archaeological Impact Assessment

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.

This report details monitoring of Geo-Technical drilling and exploratory excavation, which recovered a total of 1546 artifacts. Precontact artifacts represent the following categories: ceramic; lithic; faunal remains; hearth feature; and a single human skull bone (unrelated to burial, estimated to be 400 years old). Blackduck and southwestern Manitoba ceramic traditions are identified, with an occupation estimated at 700 or 800 years ago. Postcontact artifacts dating between the late 1800s to 1920s include: architectural objects; glass and ceramic storage containers; clothing; lighting equipment; smoking equipment; recreation; transportation; faunal remains. Stratigraphy is presented. Appendices include data tables and an artifact catalogue.

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.. 1988. North/South Access Road Archaeological Impact Assessment. Winnipeg: Quarternary Consultants Ltd. Prepared for The Forks Renewal Corporation.
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