Fauna Other Than Fish, Archaic Occupations at The Forks

Burns, Leslie H.

This chapter presents the analysis of the 2,530 faunal remains discovered during the 1993 excavations. The prevalence of different species in a faunal collection as a reflection of utilization, economy, and diet is introduced. Methods and results are discussed and presented in frequency and distribution tables. Identified species include: bison, fox, fisher, deer, wolf, weasel, and rabbit. Bone processing is discussed, and worked bone and bone tools are described (e.g. awl, bone tubes). An appendix includes range maps of some species.

*see overall compilation for PDF* Kroker, Sid and Pam Goundry (compilers). 1994. Archaic Occupations at The Forks. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association. [ Research monograph (329pp)(FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) ]

Burns, Leslie H.. 1994. Fauna Other Than Fish. In Archaic Occupations at The Forks, 92-136pp. Winnipeg: The Forks Public Archaeology Association, compiled by Sid Kroker and Pam Goundry.
[ Section in research monograph (FNHSC, TFNP pdf, HRB, MM, on file at PC) *See overall compilation for PDF ]

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