HANABI by Tamiko Chase

HANABI by Tamiko Chase

Inspired by Japanese artist Kiyoshi Yamashita as well as the Fukinagashi streamers flown during the Tanabata festival, this piece was meant to commemorate summer and the celebrations held within the season. The Japanese word for fireworks, hanabi (which can be read as “fire-flower”), is also reflected in the piece - HANABI depicts bouquets of colourful bursts and twinkling lights amidst an evening sky. 

From family reunions to grand events, fireworks displays are a chance to gather as a community and admire the evanescent beauty of a sparkling sky. While their beauty is ephemeral, their radiance can be a life-long source of inspiration. So whatever your reason to celebrate, gather round and enjoy the show!

Year: 2023

Medium: digital mural printed on vinyl

Location: The Forks Market Patio