Technical Background Report East Yard Task Force, March 1987

Winnipeg Core Area Initiative

This report provides a background on the CN East Yards area at The Forks including: site analysis; environmental considerations; examination of existing buildings; historic considerations covering Precontact and Fur Trade (1730s-1800s), and provincial establishment (post-1870). Development focus and possibilities are discussed in the context of land use and public space. Attachments include: summaries of past proposals and four Canadian redevelopment experiences; soils investigations; riverbank stability; train noise considerations; architectural assessment; tourism/recreation attraction studies; East Yards Focus by Etienne Gaboury; and an option-by-option analysis of three main development plans.

Winnipeg Core Area Initiative. 1987. Technical Background Report East Yard Task Force, March 1987. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Core Area Initiative.
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