Provencher Bridge Project Archaeological Impact Assessment

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.

Assessment of the impact of bridge construction reports on recoveries from a total of 26 test holes excavated by backhoe and Geo-Technical drilling. 1387 artifacts were recovered from at least seven discrete occupations representing the following periods: Railroad (1885-1988); Historic Flood (between 1826 and 1881); and Late Woodland (AD 1000-1750) including evidence of at least five occupations, Blackduck ceramics (AD 500 to 1750), and indications of extensive trade and seasonal visitation to The Forks. Appendices include Geo-Technical data and artifact catalogue.

Quaternary Consultants Ltd.. 1989. Provencher Bridge Project Archaeological Impact Assessment. Winnipeg: Quarternary Consultants Ltd. Prepared for Wardrop Engineering Inc..
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