Aboriginal Centre at The Forks

Hasiuk, Greg

This thesis contains an architectural program to fulfill the requirements for the Master of Architecture Degree at the University of Manitoba. The sections include: Introduction; Document Organization; Aboriginal Culture (symbolism, the circle, the square, form and space, sacred places, dignity regained, contemporary expression); Contextual Analysis (history of The Forks, new direction); Project Description (facility, design goals and objectives); Program Approach; Site Selection; Constraints (site, flooding, climate, zoning & codes, technology); Design Guidlelines (image, site development, circulation, security, flexibility, growth allowance, building systems); Area Requirements Summary; Component Relationship Diagram; Design Block Information; Appendix A (flood zone guidelines); Appendix B (climate data); Appendix C (code requirements); Appendix D (status report – Aboriginal presence at The Forks): Appendix E (relevant information – precedents); Bibliography and References. Photographs, drawings and charts are included.

Hasiuk, Greg. 1992. Aboriginal Centre at The Forks . Winnipeg, Manitoba: University of Manitoba. Thesis Comprehensive, Department of Architecture.
[ Thesis 126pp.) (MM) ]

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