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Pow Wow Etiquette

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by The Forks Market

We asked our friends at APTN if they were interested in providing us with this week's blog post on Pow Wow etiquette in preparation for this weekend's APTN Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration happening on The Forks site and the Scotiabank...


CMHR Walking Tours

Posted on Jun 06, 2013 by The Forks Market

The museum may not be open yet, but their work in the community has begun! This summer the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is offering FREE


“Target Zeroing In” on Green House Gas and Operating Costs

Posted on Apr 26, 2013 by The Forks Market

With winter almost over, we are “Target Zeroing in” on a couple of projects that are nearing completion. Two Down, One To Go: Make-Up Air Units Removed From Forks Market Roof


Bayshore Gifts in Glass: Lamp Work Lesson

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 by The Forks Market

As a staff member of The Forks I am often in and out of The Market at meetings, and I don’t necessarily have the chance to peruse the shops and services the way a visitor might. So when it was suggested to me to explore The Market the way a tourist would and then blog about it I jumped at...


Saying Goodbye to Winter

Posted on Apr 02, 2013 by The Forks Market

I am constantly amazed by this place we live. We not only have 4 distinct seasons, we have them to the extreme. I have stood on the equator and have been well north of the Arctic Circle and I have never been hotter or colder than right here at The Forks.


The Festival of Fools presented by Scotiabank

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 by The Forks Market

If you have young munchkins and are eager to get out of the house and into some free fun activities this Spring Break, why not head down to the Forks Market for the 13th Annual Festival of Fools?


Distant Caravans

Posted on Mar 06, 2013 by The Forks Market

If you thought that The Forks Market was a typical, run of the mill shopping experience, then you obviously haven’t visited Distant Caravans. Distant Caravans is an open market style store front appropriately located at The Forks Market, a venue that is constantly expanding with a variety of...


Take Shelter

Posted on Feb 27, 2013 by The Forks Market

What started four years ago as a simple idea amongst a few of us here in Winnipeg, has blossomed into an event that involves a great many people. What has changed is the size of the event, the amount of energy required to put it all together, and reach into the broader arts community both here...


The Fudge Guy

Posted on Feb 05, 2013 by The Forks Market

For Ron Boyko, owner of “The Fudge Guy”, making fudge isn't just a job; it’s his passion. After 22 years of experience concocting the sweet dessert, Ron is a well practised veteran. He first...


Arctic Glacier Winter Park Programming

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by The Forks Market

Many believe that not much happens around here in the winter months. What kind of events and activities could you possibly do in the winter time?