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Student Day for Culture Days Manitoba

Posted on Sep 24, 2013 by The Forks Market

There is no telling what you will experience at The Forks this year for Culture Days Manitoba. This year's annual Student Day at the Forks, which falls on Friday, September 27th will host over 500...


Thin Air Writers Festival

Posted on Sep 11, 2013 by The Forks Market

Whether in books or movies or check-out line conversations, stories are our stock-in-trade, the way we humans connect with one another and understand ourselves. Writers continue to create wonderful stories, and that’s our reason for being at THIN AIR. This September, we...


Target Zero Eco Kids Tour presented by MMSM

Posted on Sep 05, 2013 by The Forks Market

This week's blog post is brought to you by Daina Letoid of Green Kids Inc. She is one of the talented actors and tour guides that takes kids through the Target Zero Eco Kids Tour at The Forks presented by MMSM. The tour is geared toward kindergarten to grade six classes and is an excellent way...


Winnipeg Trolley Company

Posted on Aug 30, 2013 by The Forks Market


Prairie Garden at The Forks

Posted on Aug 22, 2013 by The Forks Market

Unnassumingly nestled into The Forks site between the Canopy Plaza and Oodena Celebration Circle is one of our city's loveliest horticultural gems, the Prairie Garden. The tall grass prairie garden is...


Splash Dash River Tour

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 by The Forks Market

It's going to be a beautiful weekend, Winnipeg! And we deserve it. Summer almost threatened to leave us as quickly as it came. Thank goodness it's decided to return and grace our shoulders, cheeks and noses with its bright...


The Forks, Instagrammed

Posted on Aug 01, 2013 by The Forks Market

With all the social media outlets available to us these days, it's hard to keep up. Should an organization join them all? Pick and choose? And if so, which should they pick...


Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Folklorama Kick-Off

Posted on Jul 24, 2013 by The Forks Market

The Folklorama season is nearly upon us, and there’s no better way to ignite the cultural spirit than with the


Chez Sophie on the Esplanade Riel

Posted on Jul 19, 2013 by The Forks Market

Have you been to...


Summer at The Forks

Posted on Jul 12, 2013 by The Forks Market

Canada Day has come and gone and summer is in full swing at The Forks. The July 1st celebrations were a huge success and we want to thank everyone who came out and made it a party...