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Posted on Mar 24, 2015 by The Forks Market

Photo by Leif Norman

As a parent, coming up with ways to keep the kids entertained during Spring Break is challenge. So many hours to fill with healthy and fun activities, so much energy to burn off!

For the past few years, I have brought my two young girls to The Forks to 'help' me at Festival of Fools. I am a part of the Winnipeg International Children's Festival (which spearheads the Festival of Fools), and the event always ends up being a chance to 'bring your kids to work week' - a week we all get to have some fun.

Photo by Leif Norman

The kids get to see incredibly funny circus performers like Gustavo the Impossibilist, The Silly People, The Street Circus Show, Mr. Mark, The Magic of Anders, magician Ron Pearson and many others.

They also get to participate in Circus Workshops, where artists like juggler Isaac Girardin teachs kids to use circus tools like juggling sticks, diabolos and spinning plates. There are even Trapeze Workshops available to kids aged 8+.

Other parents like Jennifer Lesley, who belongs to the Kidsfest Facebook page, agree Festival of Fools is a great family-friendly event.

"My sons, 6 and 7, still remember their first experience at the Festival of Fools last year," Jennifer wrote. "Watching (Karl Saliter from Karl's Circus Comedy) getting 'swallowed' up by a giant balloon was, by far, their favourite part of the program. I also loved the incredibly realistic skeleton and lion my boys were transformed into after a visit to the magical face painters!"

It's a win-win - and the best part is: totally free.
For helping mommy out, our kids get rewarded with treats from the Festival of Fools General Store, and Skinner's French Fries. They can't wait for Spring Break so they can head down to The Forks!

Guest post by: Lisa Saunders,

mother of two and enjoyer of all things foolish!

Click here for a full schedule for Festival of Fools.

Photo by Leif Norman


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