'Til Next Time, Old Friend

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by The Forks Market

It's a sad day, but after nine and a half weeks the time has come for the Red River Mutual Trail to say adieu. It has been a great season out on the ice with a few new additions and exciting events. We were able to reach new communities by going further down the Red River, we've added some extraordinary Warming Huts, we had an art gallery, restaurant and denim dome on the ice, and we met many skaters, hikers, bikers and skiers who ventured out to enjoy the trail on a daily basis.

In honour of the 2015 Red River Mutual Trail (RRMTrail), we thought we'd share some facts with you:

  • Opening day: January 1, 2015
  • Open for a total of 68 days
  • First time ever to St. Vital Bridge
  • Gallons of water used to flood the RRMTrail: 630,000
  • Approximate number of skaters: 285,000

  • Warming Huts on the RRMTrail: 16
  • Countries represented from new Warming Huts: Mexico, Canada, Norway
  • Most photographed Warming Huts: Hygge House and Recycling Words
  • Most selfies taken with a Warming Hut: Mirror Cloaking
  • Longest selfie stick used on the RRMTrail: 22'' (thanks @RonCantiveros)
  • Most "pushed around" Warming Hut: Recycling Words

  • Gourmet meals and cocktails were consumed at the RAW:almond restaurant: 3200
  • Total of Memberships sold at RAW Gallery: 1080
  • Meters of denim used to make the Denim Dome: 130
  • Number of ping pong tournaments in a Denim Dome: 1
  • Number of art galleries on the RRMTrail: 1

  • Total number of hearts painted on the RRMTrail: Over 100
  • Marriage proposals on the RRMTrail: 3 (that we know of)
  • Hockey pucks recovered from berms around the Historic Port Rinks: 153
  • Number of Christmas trees used on the RRMTrail: 250
  • Number of Videos made on this year's river trail: We've counted more than 7... but there are probably more. Here are a few of our faves:

  • Number of RRMTrail crew members: 16
  • Number of dogs on the RRMTrail crew: 1
  • Gallons of coffee consumed by the RRMTrail Crew: 420
  • Special thanks to FXR who outfitted our Winter Crew. The crew experienced zero cases of frostbite.

It's been a great season out on the Red River Mutual Trail and we can't thank you enough for joining us this season.

'til next time...


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