Until We Meet Again

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 by The Forks Market

More than just ice and snow - we had over six weeks of beautiful conditions on the Red River Mutual Trail. Winnipeggers came out in record numbers to embrace winter and take advantage of 6 kilometres of river skating trails, an art gallery, Warming Huts, and to check out classic "Winterpeg" events on ice.

While we glided our way down the trails, there was a crew hard at work creating and maintaining the ice. Made up of 11 members, the team worked morning, noon and night to keep our ice in impeccable condition.

One of the crew members, Jordan Janisse, captured life on the trail, giving us a glimpse into their world.

Let the season begin.

First flood.

Long days.

Getting ready for the crowds.

Opening day.

Flooding morning/noon/night.

Winter fun on the Red River Mutual Trail.

Too soon, the season comes to an end.

Until we meet again.

Photos by: Jordan Janisse

Fun Facts of the 2016 Red River Mutual Trail (RRMTrail):

- Open for: 46 days

  • Total length: 6 km
  • Most skates by one person (that we know of): 31
  • Most Skaters in a weekend: 18,000 on Louis Riel Long Weekend
  • Gallons of water pumped from the Red River to flood the RRMTrail: 630,000
  • Thickest part of the ice: 28"
  • Warming Huts on the RRMTrail: 5 new and 12 returning
  • Warming Hut children got lost in: Snow Maze (don't worry, all children were also found)
  • Hockey pucks recovered from berms around the Historic Port Rinks: 138
  • Kilometres driven by the Olympic Ice Resurfacer: 700
  • Number of canoes raced down the RRMTrail: 4
  • Wind Derby Machines flown down the RRMTrail: 6
  • Gourmet meals and cocktails consumed at the RAW:almond restaurant: 3200
  • Number of Christmas trees used on the RRMTrail: 300
  • Number of people on the RRMTrail Crew: 11
  • Total of floods happening between 10 pm and 5 am : 10
  • Litres of coffee consumed by the RRMTrail Crew: 80
  • Total of injuries for RRMTrail crew members: 0
  • Number of Fashion Shows on ice: 1
  • Bathing suits that were worn on the RRMTrail during the fashion show: 2
  • Weddings on the RRMTrail: 1

- Listed as one of the Top 10 Rinks in Canada!


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