Getting a Taste of Argentina: Steak Night in The Market

Posted on Aug 03, 2017 by The Forks Market

Steak is a must-have in Argentina. The cows are grass-fed, it's cooked on a massive grill called a parrilla, and it's topped with a chimichurri sauce to finish it all off and make it quite possibly the richest-tasting ribeye we've ever tasted.

Empanadas & Co. is bringing this delicious cuisine to The Forks Market every Wednesday from 5-9PM to give Winnipeg its weekly steak fix.

Round 1: Empanadas & Tomato Salad

Another staple of Argentinian food and Empanadas & Co. is, of course, empanadas. The ones served at this Wednesday-night dinner are filled with shrimp and mozzarella. They're served hot, so when you break open the perogy-like shell, cheese oozes out and creates the creamiest string from the empanada to your fork.

To add a little freshness to your meal, the empanadas are served with a traditional tomato salad tossed in an olive oil dressing.

Round 2: Steak

After you've devoured the empanadas and tomato salad, this 24-oz ribeye steak is placed in front of you. We looked at each other and said, "Uhm, how are we going to finish this?" But this bad boy is for two to share, and it's so juicy and delicious it quickly disappeared off that wood board.

The steak is served with an olive oil and spice rub called chimichurri sauce, which adds just enough spice and brings out the juiciness in the steak that much more.

Hungry yet?

Round 3: Gelato

Don't forget about dessert. We didn't. To put the finishing touch on this night of delicious food is a flight of gelato from Neon Cone. This includes four different flavours that range from chocolatey to fruity, and they are all dairy-free. This way, you finish off your meal with a light dessert, and you're ready to head over to Festival Field for the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Canada Games Festival.

Oh– did we mention this also includes wine paired specifically for this meal by the knowledgable folks at The Common? Yeah! We wouldn't dare host a steak dinner in The Forks Market without the perfect wine to go with it.


This massive meal costs $95 for two (date night!?). Call or text 204-957-0038 or 204-295-4494 to reserve your spot for next Wednesday. It's sure to fill up fast.

A huge thank you to our friend, Jen Doerksen, for taking photos that look as delicious as this meal tasted.

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