Get Going: Commuting with Company Using GoManitoba

Posted on Dec 07, 2017 by The Forks Market

 It’s no secret that I believe movement should be integrated into our daily lives. One of the ways to maintain long-term health is to create routines and habits to move our bodies while fulfilling other purposes at the same time. Like commuting. Everyday, I have to get to my studio somehow, so might as well use my body to it.

When I heard there was a new app that helped connect like-minded commuters to one another, I knew I had to give it a try. After all, it combines all of my favourite things – being outside, active commuting and meeting new people.

The Go Manitoba app is for all types of commuters – walkers, cyclists, transit takers and drivers. After entering your home and work/school destination, it provides a list of all potential commuters in your area. There are six cyclists and four walkers in my neighbourhood! I have never winter cycled—I’m thinking this would be a great opportunity to pair up with someone who can show me the ropes of winter cycling!

But for now, I was mostly interested in finding someone to walk with. So I arranged a walk with Kristin, who was also walking along the river trail to The Forks.

Winnipeg is such a small city—turns out I TOTALLY know Kristin. Ha! So we grabbed a coffee and made our way from the Village to downtown via The Forks on a sunny winter morning.

It was so nice to have someone to walk with! I’m mostly a solo walker, so it was great to have someone to chat with as a change of pace. If you wanted to start the habit of walk commuting, I think many people would benefit from having a walking buddy to help hold them accountable to the habit. When someone is expecting you—you have to show up!

For those not within walking distance of their workplace, the ride share option seems like it would be quite useful. Save money on parking, fewer cars on the road, and better for the environment. And, potentially…make a new friend!

Would you try active commuting if you had a buddy? Sign up for the Go Manitoba app and see who’s around you to try active commuting with!

Lindsay Somers is a Lifestyle Health Coach you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. All photos by Janine Kropla.

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