Culture Days at The Forks

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by The Forks Market

Prepare for a flood of culture – here at The Forks and all across the country this weekend!

Art, culture, heritage and musical installations will be happening all over the city and across the province for this three-day cultural celebration and we’re right at the centre of it all! With everything from live music, dance performances (including bellydance and Flamenco demonstrations), to live art production and craft demonstrations, there will certainly be no shortage of entertainment around here.

From the folks that bring us the ever-popular Warming Hutsin the winter and the nifty Cool Gardens in the summer, here are a few activities you’ll be able to catch at The Forks site for Culture Days on this beautiful September weekend:

Mini Culture Days at the Children’s Museum | September 26

All day Friday there will be a free, guided activity station outside the Children’s Museum highlighting visual arts and dramatic play along with 2-for-1 general museum admission all day long, Mini Culture Days will immerse guests in the hands-on creative learning experiences that the Children’s Museum expertly delivers all year round.

Collage Animation Workshop by Freeze Frame at The Forks | September 26 | 10:00am-2:00pm | Forks Market

Cut, paste, animate! Create your own stop motion animation with Freeze Frame Media Centre. Shoot your own animation and watch your characters come alive at The Forks. All creative types are welcome! 45-minute workshops.

Honey Days | Forks Market, Centre Court

What better time to learn about one of the world’s most fascinating and productive insects than honey-harvesting time? Inside the Forks Market, you’ll see cooking demonstrations by the Beekeeper's Association of Manitoba, a honey competition plus an awesome display of bees behind glass to admire and listen to them work.

Graffiti Gallery's Artist Mash-Up | September 26 | 10:00am-2:00pm | Plaza at The Forks Skatepark

Come check out this collaborative creation of art in action. Each artist will paint on a wooden panel or canvas before passing it along to the next artist to continue the work, all to the beat of some excellent live music. Watch some beautiful teamwork come to life in just a few short hours!

Green Action Centre's Worm Wrangler and Bike Blender | Forks Market

Kids and adults of all ages are invited to meet Green Action Centre's "worm wrangler" at The Forks. Sink your hands into a vermi-composter where worms are hard at work turning kitchen waste into rich compost. Rethink the way we feed ourselves and power our lives by hopping on our bicycle-powered blender. We've teamed up with The Smoothie Bar to provide delicious bike-blended smoothie samples - stop by to enjoy!

Aboriginal School of Dance at The Forks | September 26 | 10:00am

Join the Aboriginal School of Dance for a fun and interactive presentation for young and old. Learn about the variety and beauty of Aboriginal Dance and let us teach you a few steps.

Catch great live music throughout the weekend, including the likes of:

• Heartbeat City

• Ashlee Bart

• St. John Brebuf School Ensembles

• Shaftesbury High School Jazz Band

• Rain Hamilton

• North End Jewish Folk Choir

• Winnipeg Mandolin Orchestra

• Trio Bembe

• Cassidy Mann

• Ca Claque

• Latka

Click here for the full Culture Days MB line-up and list of activities and get yourself down to The Forks to celebrate on this beautiful weekend!


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