Skate with Confidence and Colour!

Posted on Feb 23, 2024 by The Forks Market

While functionality is key to any skate assist - which is a winter tool meant to keep skaters upright as they navigate the icy terrains - they’re not always know for their style points. However, at The Forks, where creativity and fun is just as important as functionality, our skate assists are as much a work of art as they are useful.
These new installations are the product of a creative collaboration between The Forks and four creative community organizations; Art City, ArtsJunktion, Graffiti Gallery, and The WRENCH. Each group took a set of pre-built skate assists, initially designed with uniformity in mind, and infused them with their unique artistic visions. The result? A vibrant series that not only brightens our slippery surfaces but elevates the confidence and "ice cred" of skaters at all levels.
Art City’s contributions feature the faces of animals who represent the seven sacred teachings. These animals take centre stage on the ice, turning the skate assists into more than just functional tools but captivating spectacles that glide playfully across the frozen rinks and trails.
IMG_0019.JPG (5.42 MB)
ArtsJunktion has brought their commitment to recycling and repurposing to life, infusing bursts of vibrant colors and glamour into each skate assist, all crafted from sustainable materials.
TheForks_SkateAssists-2.png (5.42 MB)
Graffiti Gallery’s skate assists boast a distinct Manitoba flair, decorated with local phrases, colours, and the face of Manitoba’s honourary first premiere… can you guess who?!
TheForks_SkateAssists-1.png (5.24 MB) Feb 23 _ Skate Assists-2.png (2.06 MB)
The Wrench took another unique approach on their assists, crafting a façade that resembles bikes on ice, using recycled bikes parts to make playful symbols, forms, and fun embellishments.
TheForks_SkateAssists.png (6.32 MB)
Beyond their aesthetic appeal, each skate assist is thoughtfully designed for structural integrity, crafted in a uniform manner from recycled materials. They not only provide stability for skaters but also double as pushable seats, catering to those who prefer a leisurely glide across the ice.
There aren’t too many spots left to skate at The Forks, given these weird temps. So get out while you still can and experience the perfect blend of form and function with our creatively enhanced skate assists! Click here more information about skating rinks and conditions at The Forks.

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