Market Eats: Fries of The Forks Market

Posted on Apr 02, 2018 by The Forks Market

We rounded up the fries of The Forks Market, so you could make the most well-informed fry decision possible. Pick one of your favourite beers from The Common and your favourite off this list, and you're off to the fry races.


This one has double the fry goodness. They have this item on the menu called "Shareables" from the "Fry Action" section of their menu, and it's pretty much the best if you have a few people getting in on it.

It comes with regular fries that are hand-cut every day and yam fries that are tossed in a sort of tempura batter. With those you get to choose two dips, which are just as good as the fries. We chose the Sweet n' Spicy Chili Mayo and the Rosemary Garlic Aioli (we had to go back for more of this one – too good).

Kyu Grill

Call them fries, call them wedges – doesn't matter because they're outstanding either way. The Shichimi Frites are perfectly crispy on the outside and nearly mashed potatoes on the inside. Topped with their Spicy Mayo, toasted sesame seeds, and freshly chopped green onions, these will have you ordering a large every single time.

Empanadas & Company

If you're into garlic, you're into these. Provenzal fries. Empanadas & Company do a Mediterranean take on regular old fries with garlic oil and parsley.


Last but not least, the classic. Skinners has been at it since 1929, so they know what they're doing. A little ketchup, and you're good.

Go get those fries.

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