Nothing to wine about: 6 perfect location pairings for summer sipping

Posted on Aug 01, 2019 by The Forks Market

It's a widely accepted idea that your environment can drastically change how much you enjoy your food and drink. We'd like to lean into that theory for a moment!

The Common recently released a new summer wine list full of tasty drinks from all over the world. 

Sure, you can absolutely enjoy them at The Common inside, or the new, beautiful Common patio outside, but there are a so many other places you can sit and sip... or walk and sip, or shop and sip (did you know our liquor license extends to the stores as well?) on The Forks site. 

Here's a few of the new wines available now at The Common, and where we think the optimal space is to enjoy them. 

There’s nothing quite like sinking into an Adirondack chair on a perfectly temperate summer’s night with good company and good wine. As you watch the river flow by, we’d suggest digging into the De Martino Estate Chardonnay Casablanca; hints of peach, apple and citrus will hit all the right relaxing notes.

IMG_7652.JPG (494 KB)


The fun flavours in the Farmers of Wine Primitivo Negroamaro Puglia from Italy pair perfectly with a pinball tournament in the Phantom Amusement Arcade. Jammy fruit, liquorice and spice are forward in this bold red, just make sure you put your glass down before attempting the maximum difficulty on Dance Dance Revolution or it will be dance, dance, red wine on your shirt?

As you’re waiting for a funky new 'do from The Loving Barbers, why no sip on a funky white? The Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc Hawkes Bay has an eclectic array of flavours, including lime, peach, jalapeño and even a slight smokiness. Perhaps this creative collection of tasting notes will inspire a creative new look for your hair!

IMG_7216.JPG (269 KB)


The Rafael Cambra Soplo Garnacha Valencia from Valencia, Spain, has hints of dry, fruity berries, spice and a touch of earthiness. We don't know about you, but to us, that screams cozy conversation on the couch. Grab a glass and head upstairs to our lounge area furnished with luxurious chairs and sofas that will make this red taste even better. 

Dense and solid; light oak; deep red colour — are we describing a library or a wine? The Garzon Reserva Tannat Uruguay is the perfect glass to sip on as you shop for your next favourite read at McNally Robinson. It’s complex and full of different flavour stories, and may guide you to a novel with similar traits.

IMG_7156 copy.JPG (326 KB)

One of the best things about The Forks in the summer is the array of buskers that come down and share their talents every day. While you’re taking in the performances, the Teutonic ‘Recorded in Doubly’ Willamette Valley is the perfect pairing; the floral and fruity aromas fill your senses as the music fills the air, not to mention the bottle’s label features an illustrated hand in the horn position, totally ready to rock!

There are lots more summer wines to check out at The Common before the next batch of new options are revealed in the fall. 

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