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Posted on Sep 18, 2012 by The Forks Market

We have been talking about a blog for ages but haven’t gotten down to actually writing one. So, here we are.

The Forks Arial Shot by Dan Harper

As most of you know we have a lot going on around here and we have great stories to tell and ideas to share. We will be discussing The Forks and the seasonal programming that takes place, sharing some stories about the North Portage neighbourhood, as well as what goes on behind the scenes. Hopefully we can give our readers some insight on how we operate and what is important to us and ultimately to the broader community.

It is our intention to do a weekly entry. I plan on writing many of them, but our management group and even our tenants will be doing some of the pieces. The upcoming entries will be diverse and cover a breadth of topics and subjects that are of interest to us and you.

Warming Hut Under Construction @ The Forks

Over the next few months we will discuss some of the headway we are making on our recent (2011) Ten Year Concept and Financial Plan. We have some significant planning challenges as we take a closer look at the Railside development concept identified in that plan. It’s not only challenging from an economic and development perspective but we are very aware that the community has strongly held opinions on what should and should-not occur on that site. We need to make the economics work and do what is best for The Forks as a site as well as for the visitors.

We are also completing the downtown waterfront vision document and hope to have something to share at our AGM in late October. This is a very exciting, albeit long-term, vision that we have been working on for the previous 18 months with the City of Winnipeg and other key stakeholders.

There will be much to talk about as we plan for the winter programming at The Forks and we will provide an overview of the behind the scenes process that is underway for the now internationally recognized Warming Huts program.

We encourage our readers to share comments and opinions on what we write. We want to start conversations on your thoughts and ideas on The Forks and other related downtown topics. There will be future opportunity for guest blog spots, and we are always interested in writing about topics suggested by our readers so feel free to contact us with ideas!

Written By: Jim August, Chief Executive Officer


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