Forks Date: 3 things to say to sound smart on the big day

Posted on Jul 20, 2018 by The Forks Market

The Forks is pretty much the perfect date spot with The Common for drinks, tons of food options in the Food Hall, and a bunch of green space to wander around. For this date at The Forks, we’re thinking horses, stargazing, and berry picking – all on site!

So you’ve asked them out, picked a date, and today is the day. We want your date to go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve picked out some hot spots they may not know about and armed you with the information you need to show off what a smarty pants you really are.

Use this info to fill in any awkward pauses that might come up and make a really great impression.

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1. This used to be two horse stables

We recommend starting the evening off at The Common. The beer and wine is top notch, and the flights give you something to do to break the ice a little – try selections from each other’s flights, compare, contrast, and chat in between.

When you’re chatting in between sips, use this, “The Market actually used to be two horse stables.”

Before the atrium connecting the two was built in 1989, the buildings stood as two separate horse stables built between 1909 and 1912 for competing rail companies. The northern atrium was designed by Warren and Wetmore, the architects that designed Winnipeg’s Union Station and Grand Central Station in New York. That building held about 120 horses, and the other about 100.

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2. Can you see that constellation?

Time for a little fresh air. After you’ve fully impressed them at The Common, take a walk down to Oodena Celebration Circle for a little stargazing (kind of). Wander down to the centre, and encourage them to look up the arms while you tell them all about it.

Oodena Celebration Circle is actually a naked eye observatory, inspired by the myths and sacred places of the many peoples drawn to The Forks. During each solstice, when you stand at the base of the circle and look up the arms the holes align with gorgeous constellations.

The name is two names put together – Oodena is Ojibwe for “heart of the community,” and Celebration Circle reflects that space is a gathering place for everyone.

The plaques at the foot of each arm tell you all about the constellation and the meaning behind each one. Take a read together, and figure out which solstice is next (potential future date idea??).

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3. There’s an orchard at The Forks

Picking berries is always a cute date idea. Turns out you can do that at The Forks too! In 2013, Winnipeg CORE helped us plant 61 fruit trees and as many as 75 fruit bearing shrubs as a part of our Target Zero initiative just north of Oodena Celebration Circle. There are variations of berries, cherries, apples, pears, plums, and a bunch more.

You and your date can wander through the orchard and pick any of the fruits that are ripe at the time. It’s all free and yours for the taking.


We love The Forks and love when love can blossom on our grounds. Have the best date!


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