Winter Wonderland

Posted on Dec 16, 2012 by The Forks Market

With Christmas just around the corner (9 days and counting), and as my oldest son Connor turns sixteen, five days before Christmas, I’m reminded of when he was little and the fascination that he had with everything to do with Christmas. At times I think he was more interested in Christmas than his actual birthday. From decorating the tree to “helping” me wrap presents he was excited to do it all, and that excitement spread through the whole house.

So as I watch the hustle and bustle of shoppers in The Forks Market and the little children getting excited about the Christmas lights, the big tree and Santa’s sleigh you can just feel the magic of the holiday season.

The smell of fresh baking coming out of the oven at Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company or the sound of the steamer at Human Bean Coffee and Tea making a latte are just the things to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Walking through The Market Loft retailers on the second floor will definitely inspire you with fabulous one of kind gift ideas from personalized ornaments from Bayshore Gifts in Glass to hand made moccasins from Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique. With nearly 75 shops on site there is truly something for everyone while shopping at The Forks.

The magic comes alive every weekend with a visit from the big guy himself Santa Claus, and his lovely wife Mrs. Claus. Every child is welcome to come and see Santa, sit in his sleigh, and talk to their hearts content.

Hearing impaired children can communicate directly with Santa in American Sign Language on December 15th and 21st. Then once they're done visiting they can head over to the atrium to make a special ornament to take home and hang on their own tree. Happy Holidays!

-Andrea Clow


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