Peg City Car Co-op and Railside at The Forks!

Posted on Oct 25, 2023 by The Forks Market

As two steadfast advocates for sustainability, community, and downtown living, a partnership between Peg City Car Co-op and Railside at The Forks just makes sense.

The Forks Renewal Corporation is set to acquire five vehicles that will have fixed locations
within the Railside development, contributing to the growth of Peg City Car Co-op’s downtown
fleet. In line with The Forks’ Target Zero initiative and the organization’s dedication to
sustainability, two of the five vehicles will be fully electric, reinforcing our commitment toward a
greener future.

“We are excited to partner with such a great local company to offer a small fleet of shared
vehicles to support Railside,” says Sara Stasiuk, Chief Executive Officer of The Forks North
Portage. “This will help us deliver a modern residential community at The Forks where personal
vehicles are not required. We know most folks need a car occasionally, so with Peg City Car
Co-op’s fleet expanding to Railside, people will have more commuting options and be less
burdened by needing car storage here at The Forks.”

This collaboration is another step in the progression of Railside at The Forks – a unique mixed-use development, which will transform two of the largest surface parking lots in downtown
Winnipeg into high-quality public spaces. This new development at The Forks will include all-season activations, greenspaces, local commercial retail opportunities, public artwork and
residential units, which will house up to 2,500 residents living in about 1,200 rental and condo
homes of all size and price points.

Adding carsharing infrastructure to Railside is a key component in the overall plan to make a
sustainable neighbourhood that prioritizes active and alternative transportation options. Peg City
Car Co-op offers a commuting option that enables its members to access vehicles on a short-term basis without the associated financial burdens and responsibilities of traditional
car ownership.

“Adding more cars for our members to use is always exciting. But adding five to a place like
The Forks is huge. One carsharing vehicle can take fifteen cars off the road (and out of the
parking lot, too), making more space for people, art, and public space. This partnership helps
us understand carsharing as a viable path toward greener transportation in Winnipeg and
communities built around people, not cars.” says Philip Mikulec, Chief Executive Officer of
Peg City Car Co-op.

Railside is set to become an extension of The Forks, focusing on public accessibility,
great public spaces, beautiful experiential art, food, retail, green spaces, culture, programming,
and places to meet and live. This partnership with Peg City Car Co-op, an organization that
values sustainability, community, and alternative transportation, is a perfect fit and will add great
value to the guests and residents of Railside.

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