Windsocks Exposition 2023

Posted on Feb 02, 2023 by The Forks Market

This year’s installations of The Forks Windsock Exposition 2023 offered local artists and organizations an opportunity to create something for everyone to enjoy.

Eight Winnipeg artists and organizations have breezed onto the walking and skating trails of the Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation with colourful windsocks. From honouring the 25th year of programming at Graffiti Art Programming to showcasing birds, immigrant life, favourite French words, the northern lights, and more, the windsocks add movement, colour, and intrigue to the frozen river playground. 

Thank you to all the artists and organizations who shared their creativity with us! 

Happy 25th by Graffiti Art Programming
Happy25th-6 hor.jpg (5.01 MB)

The Resistance by Mercedes Emeka Maduka
TheResistance (1) hor.jpg (4.63 MB)

Gamut Windsock by Hanna Reimer
GamutWindsock-8 hor.jpg (3.03 MB)

Aurora by Kale Sheppard
Aurora_Fixed-12 hor.jpg (4.37 MB)

All That Glitters Is by Jordan Van Sewell
AllThatGlitterIs-6 hor.jpg (3.37 MB)

 Miss, Mr. Me, Terry by Art City Inc.
Miss_Mr_Me_Terry-15.jpg (6.70 MB)

Taking Flight by Marc Kuegle
TakingFlight-4 hor.jpg (6.64 MB)


Additionally, the windsock photos are coming soon!
Des motes pour nous dire by La Maison des artistes visuels francophones




Photos from Kristhine Guerrero

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