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Posted on Jul 04, 2018 by The Forks Market

What is lifestyle health?

It’s finding balance in life in 2018. We sit more than ever, interact with screens more than faces and have a nature deficit. Technology has profoundly shaped how we spend our time, and lifestyle health is seizing the opportunity to integrate movement into our daily habits and routines in meaningful ways that help us unplug, be present and get moving outside.

Whether you take active transportation to work, get outside for a walk on your lunch break or go on a family bike ride, you are bound to break a sweat while moving—and then have to go back to your day.

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I am totally okay with that. That’s a big part of the convenience of living a healthy lifestyle. You sneak in movement as part of your routine. It’s not a big rigmarole or time investment to move. It’s a new way to think about how we can integrate movement into our existing routines. Instead of a long trip to the gym, it’s a 20-minute exercise quickie.

Here’s the deal: you don’t have to shower after every sweat session. If you want to integrate movement easily into your life, you have got to be okay with a little bit of sweat. I’m laying out my top five ways to sweat in the middle of your day and get on with it—WITHOUT SHOWERING.

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Tip one: dry shampoo

All my best hair days involve dry shampoo. It's my numero uno product for helmet hair. This stuff is SO GOOD. Depending on how wet your hair is: air dry or blow dry as much as possible then spray and fluff it up! Available at drug stores and hair salons.

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Tip two: change of clothes

This may seem obvious, but most people don’t think about riding into work in sport clothes then changing into a cute summer dress that rolls on up into practically nothing in your backpack. Or keep a shirt and blazer at the office. Fresh underwear can also be a game changer. Going for a walk at lunch? Pack shorts and a tank top! It takes 2 minutes to change for an afternoon of dry comfort.

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Tip three: bird bath

Wet wipes aren’t just for babies! Refresh those armpits and all your sweaty bits! It feels like a brand new you! Bonus: Forks Trading Company has Ladydust and Mandust, which is a body refresher for post workout.

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Tip four: toothbrush and deodorant

I am a chronic tooth brusher. Seriously, if I am running around and have 1 minute to freshen up, it’s a quick tooth brush and deodorant reapplication. I feel like a new woman!

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Tip five: office active living pack

Adding movement to your day also means having to carry all of these things I’ve just suggested. That’s annoying. Build your own lifestyle health kit for yourself at the office. Invest in some supplies to solely leave at the office and be prepared at all times for movement! I have extra hair elastics, sunscreen, a little towel, running shoes, wipes, extra gym clothes, deodorant, a toothbrush and dry shampoo at my studio.

The Forks is the hub of downtown active living. I can’t wait to see all of your sweaty faces taking active breaks during your day at The Forks this summer.


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