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Posted on Jun 14, 2019 by The Forks Market

If you’ve been at The Forks recently, you may have noticed a certain red and green trolley making the rounds. If you saw it and then asked yourself: A) What the heck is that? Or B) Where can I catch it? Or C) Where does it go? Allow us to answer those questions for you right now!

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A) That’s the Domo Trolley! It offers a free ride (that’s right, totally free!) between The Forks and Assiniboine Park, ending its line at the zoo. It started running on May Long weekend and will keep on goin’ until Thanksgiving weekend in October. And fun fact, the trolleys were designed to resemble Winnipeg’s heritage streetcars, which were in service until 1955! The adorable (and totally Insta-worthy) wooden bench seating is our favourite part. Maybe this summer, #TBT can stand for Throwback Trolley? Too lame? 

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B) The trolley stop at The Forks is right outside the market (there’s a big sign that marks the exact location of the stop), and the last stop is right outside the zoo’s main entrance. There are a few other stops, as well, which leads us to...

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C) The route on the way to the park goes through downtown, ends up rolling down Wellington Crescent and into Assiniboine Park. Once inside the park, there are a handful of stops including at the footbridge to Portage Avenue (only a quick walk from Sargent Sundae, just FYI), at the beautiful English Garden area which also houses the duck pond and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, and then it zips on over to the zoo! The trolley takes a slightly different route back to The Forks, so there’s lots of Winnipeg sites to see even if you take it in both directions!

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The full route map is available at Assiniboine Park’s website and there are trolley timetables there as well, which we would suggest keeping an eye on because the full circuit only runs three times a day! If you want to see exactly where the trolley is at any given time, check out this nifty GPS tracker that shows the real-time location. It's a super helpful little map!

We are so pumped that, for the second year in a row, it’s easier than ever to hit up two of Winnipeg’s favourite summertime spots in one day. Don't forget to tag us in your trolley photos, maybe we can make #ThrowbackTrolley a thing? No? OK, we'll let it go.





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