Holiday How-to: Hosting + Guesting

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 by The Forks Market


The holidays are prime time for hosting - and attending - all kinds of parties and gatherings.

Whether it's a potluck with friends, Christmas Eve with the in-laws or you're hosting your entire department for a cocktail party, there's a delicious and easy array of options available at The Forks Market to swing by and pick up on your lunch break, or have on-hand should the need arise.

Ellement Wine + Spirits

Bringing a bottle of wine is always a nice gesture. The folks at Ellement are super helpful and willing to help you find something that pairs well with whatever might be on the menu, as well as your budget.

To make things even easier, they also have red + white carrying cases made up and ready to go.

Empanadas and Company

Empanadas are always a hit. Pick them up frozen by the dozen, and bake them up at home!

Empanadas and Company makes some of the best, most authentic Argentine empanadas in the city and they have a huge variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian options. And don't skip the chimichurri.

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen

Absolutely stop here if you are on charcuterie duty. They have dozens of options for pickled Manitoba veggies including hot peppers, beans, asparagus, beets, artichokes and much more.

And do not skip the freezer section, where you'll find many options for prepared meals and beautiful pastry-wrapped brie with delicious saskatoon or apricot, which you can bake at your destination, or, if you're hosting, plan to pull out of your oven all melty + golden brown just as your guests arrive.

Tall Grass Prairie Bakery

While sometimes it's hard to look (and smell) past the cinnamon buns, do, because there are so many high-quality and tasty meal or appetizer accompaniments hiding right before your eyes! From fresh-made hummus, dips or salads in the refrigerator case, to the perfect vehicle for your baked brie - crispy seasoned crostini or nutty rice crackers. Of course, dessert from Tall Grass Prairie is always a highlight - perhaps a vineterta, carrot cake, or Manitoba fruit or cranberry pecan pie would do the trick!

Zorba's Pizza

Zorba's sells some of the most delicious + potently garlicy tzatziki sauce in the city. Pair it with chicken souvlaki (be sure place your order in advance if you're ordering for more than a few), or pita wedges.

The Almond Tree

They offer almost every candy under the sun, but if you're picking up the tzatziki from Zorba's, be sure to grab some peppermints for your guests who choose to indulge!

Forks Trading Company

You'll need something to serve all your fancy treats on - pop into Forks Trading Company on the second floor of The Forks Market for locally made ceramics and an array of locally crafted wooden boards that will take your cheeses and charcuteries to the next level.

They also stock an impressive variety of fantastic host or hostess gift options - sauces, oils, bitters, fancy chocolates, re-fillable growlers - it's pretty much guaranteed you'll find the perfect gift.

Many of the other Forks Market restaurants and kiosks offer catering as well - call to place your order in advance, and pick up all your fixings under one roof this entertaining season!

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