A New Year: 3 Ways to Feel Great & Be Active in 2018

Posted on Jan 03, 2018 by The Forks Market


Happy New Year! Here we go! It’s 2018! We’re going do all those things we said we’re going to do. Let’s go! Be healthy! Eat less junk! Lose that weight! Exercise every day! Go! Go! Go!

Personally, I find New Year’s resolutions a bit tiring. They are good intentions that are often set up to fail. We are a culture that wants measurable results fast. (Read: weight loss)

When I begin working with people, I always ask, “How do you feel? How do you want to feel? What does being healthy look like to you?” The answer is never as straight forward as a number on a scale.

Being healthy is a way of life.

I’m inviting people who want to make resolutions to ‘get healthy’ and ‘take better care of themselves’ to begin with some basic lifestyle changes. It’s the first step to creating a framework of self-awareness and habits that are sustainable, enjoyable and fulfilling.

So, if you are resolving to ‘feel better’ or ‘take better care of yourself’ in 2018, I’ve put together my top three habit changes that will lay the groundwork for you to work toward your healthy lifestyle.

Starting today. Right now.


Participate in real life with undivided attention. The next time you are at The Forks, put your phone away. Or better yet, leave it at home. Be present with the people you’re with. I’ve started the practice of phone-free outings on the weekend. We are ridiculously tethered to communication. If I’m meeting you at The Common I’ll USE MY EYES to find you instead of texting. My phone-free days are relaxing. You see the world. Notice people around you. Don’t wait in a line and mindlessly scroll, just be. Starting point: turn your phone to airplane mode when you’re hanging out with pals.


We all have stress. It’s an inevitable part of life. Identifying plausible and sustainable self-awareness strategies to manage those tougher days is a game changer in mental health. My go to is a run. Nothing clears the head and gives me a fresh perspective like a run. Take a bath. Read a book. Go outside for a walk. Connect with nature. Starting point: after a rough day, go for a 10-minute walk before that glass of wine. See how it feels.


It has long been said that having new experiences is one of the most fulfilling parts of life. Old habits die hard. Stop saying no. Try something new. Be open. It’s amazing how life can open up when you step out of your comfort zone. You don’t know what you like until you try it. You have to build your healthy lifestyle by trying new things to see what fits. Starting point: when someone asks you to go for a skate, instead of saying “I don’t skate” you say: “I’ve never skated but am going to try!” (Then send me an email and I’ll give you some skate lessons!)

These three practices are pillars to my health and happiness. Even if you only resolve to try one of them, it will nudge you in the right direction. Make the changes from the inside out—the right way to build a sustainable healthy life for the mind, body and soul.

Looking forward to more health, happiness and adventures at The Forks in 2018! Happy New Year!

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