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Posted on Aug 31, 2019 by The Forks Market

For Winnipeggers and visitors spending September Long in the city, The Forks: A self-guided audio tour launches this week. No need to fight the traffic on the highway out to the lake—experience a mini urban getaway, in the heart of Winnipeg at The Forks. Get some fresh air, a little exercise, and uncover thousands of years of history while you explore points of interest.

Where the Assiniboine and Red Rivers converge has been a meeting place for over 6,000 years, located on Treaty 1 territory, the present day site of The Forks. With these two rivers and this land, comes a rich history. To guide you through the audio tour is Curator of Indigenous History at The Forks and Professor of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba, Niigaan Sinclair. Along the journey, you’ll hear from special guests including elders Barbara and Clarence Nepinak, architects Glen Manning, Constantina Douvris, and Étienne J. Gaboury, Curator of Archaeology at the Manitoba Museum, Kevin Brownlee as well as local musician Matt Schellenberg.

What to expect?
Whether you’re planning a first-time visit to The Forks or you’ve been many times before, you’re guaranteed to discover something new.

The tour starts at the canopy in the plaza right outside The Forks market building. From here you’ll stop along the way at historic sites and points of interest, hear some local tunes, and take in some interesting tidbits. Did you know that the building with the big glass tower, The Forks Market, was very important for the railroad? Learn what The Forks Market was originally used to house while you’re on the tour.

How to prepare for your visit:
We’ve put together some tips and items to check off your list in advance of your adventure where the Assiniboine and Red meet. While the tour makes for a perfect solo stroll, it’s also a great chance to gather friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable experience.

Step 1
Stream the audio track while you stroll, or we recommend downloading it for free, here

Step 2
Prep to promenade by packing your bag with a few essentials. First and most importantly, bring your headphones. Secondly, the audio tour takes about an hour to complete and is around 4,000 steps at a moderate pace, so comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended. 

Step 3
The Forks: A self-guided audio tour is designed for all-seasons. Rain, shine, or snow, dress for the weather and you’re good to go. Whether it’s +40 or -40, there’s so much to experience and take in. If you can’t make it to The Forks this weekend, or next, know that any day of the year is the perfect time to take the tour.

Step 4
The tour encompasses over 6,000 years of history in under 60 minutes—that’s a lot to take in! Press pause at any point for a little extra time with your surroundings. Explore at your own pace and hit play when you’re ready to continue.

Every journey is different and each day brings the opportunity for a new view. The river is a great example, transforming with the season. In summer watch the river taxis go by, and in winter, watch ice skaters stride along. Share your unique journey through The Forks site on social media with #MeetMeAtTheForks

A French version of the self-guided audio tour will be launching in the near future. 

Une version française de la visite audio autoguidée sera lancée dans un proche avenir.


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