A Winter Thrivival Guide

Posted on Nov 13, 2019 by Lindsay Somers

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Winter is coming – how are you feeling about it?

November is the month the snow appears...and stays. Parkas are out. The air is crisp. The best parts of winter at The Forks are right around the corner.

To help us acclimatize to the coziest season of the year, we’re giving you our three tried and true tips to not only survive but thrive this winter at The Forks.

A Forks winter thrivival guide:

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1. Wear layers
Quite simply: not much is fun when you are cold. It’s time to add a layer. Wear long johns every day. Or, channel your inner 80s winter style with leg warmers. Wear the bum-covering parka. Cold feet? Merino wool socks are a winter must! Remember: hoods are a wonderful thing on a windy day. Whatever your winter layering style is -- being warm is the make or break starting point for any enjoyable winter day.

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2. Get outside to play
Being outside feels good. It can be hard to get your head around a “with the windchill” temperature – but (when dressed properly) spending time outside on a crisp and sunny winter day is exotic and empowering. Winter gives Winnipeg a magical natural playground of ice and snow. It’s time to layer up and get out there! Can’t skate? We have you covered with Skate Tips in February! Or, channel your inner Jennifer Jones trying out the Forks original sport crokicurl

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3. Have winter hangouts
After all, everything is more fun with friends. Resist winter hibernation mode! If you’re a tried and true winter lover, invite those winter resisters out! Tobagganing, winter fat biking, skating, strolling, sliding…all the winter fun awaits you. ‘Tis the season of skate dates at The Common – and we couldn’t be more excited to see you and your rosy smiley frosty faces!

 Winter, let's do this!

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