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Posted on Feb 12, 2019 by The Forks Market

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and before you roll your eyes, hear us out! Whether you’re in full honeymoon mode, not interested in celebrating at all, or somewhere in between, we’ve got lots of ideas of fun ways to spend your Feb. 14 at The Forks. 

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Valentine’s Day Die Hards: 

If you’re thinking an all-out Valentine’s Day-palooza is in the cards this year, check out what Inn at the Forks has on deck. Riverstone Spa has a few special offers, including The Forks Couples Escape (oooh la la!) which includes an overnight stay at Inn at the Forks — in a deluxe king room, no less — a 50-minute couples massage at the spa, breakfast the next morning at SMITH and a $50 gift card to The Forks. If the spa part isn’t your thing, the hotel is also running a promotion that includes all of that other stuff, but without the massages. SMITH is also hosting a separate V-Day event, a delicious three-course meal, available Feb. 14-17.  Reservations are required, so if this is up your alley, get on the phone ASAP.

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A Little Bit of PDA is OK

Not everyone is prepared to scream their love of their partner to the rafters, so for those who like a subtler approach, there are lots of options inside the market. Not into cheesy cards with poems and roses on them? We’ve got you covered: head over to dconstruct on the second floor and you’ll find the quirkiest cards you ever did see. Would you rather compare your love to a sushi roll rather than a summer’s day? There’s a card for that. And if you want a more local spin, head to The Forks Trading Company and pick up a “You Keep Me Stable” card featuring the Provencher Bridge. It’s frame-worthy.

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After gifting your cute card to your partner, have a quick and casual meal in the food hall (or reserve at spot at Passero, if you’re feeling a bit more fancy — they also have a V-Day menu) and then take a moonlight skate or walk along the river trail. Romance will be (quietly) in the air.

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Valentine’s, Shmalintine’s

The day of love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up at home to avoid all the loved-up couples. Call up some friends and try out some of the new beers and wines at The Common, instead. We just released the winter lists a few weeks ago, so there’s bound to be a few new brews you’ll want to taste-test. After that, rally the crew and spend some time in the pop-up pinball area, dubbed Flipping Out at The Forks, on the main floor. There are retro games and new games, and even a few arcade games mixed in with the pinball machines. Or, grab your skates and head over to the rink by the Winnipeg sign and knock out a game of pick-up hockey. There’s nothing less romantic than getting a stiff elbow to the gut on your way down the ice.

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The most important thing to remember, no matter how cheesy it sounds, is that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it’s about celebrating all the kinds of love in your lives, whether that’s with a partner, or the love between family, or the love you have for your best friends or even your love for your pets! It’s all valid and equal and worth taking the time to express.

So, with that said, Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you! 

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