Birch Box: Workshops for a cause

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 by The Forks Market

Starting this weekend, Birch Box is setting up their sipping container behind Union Station and opening their doors for a workshop series aimed at raising money for newcomers to the country.

The Birch Box is a social enterprise that serves the community and brings people together in an innovative way.

They host a bunch of events out of a modified shipping container covered in a beautiful mural that represents the story of a refugee travelling from a situation of distress to the image of a person that finds asylum in Canada.

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The Forks is the perfect location to host creative workshops because it has been a meeting place for thousands of years. From fur trading to the addition of the railway and eventually, when the Canadian government was promoting immigration, it became known as the “Gateway to the Canadian West.”

You can come participate in workshops hosted by talented local artists and makers that are wanting to give back! From carving spoons to leather leashes to bike maintenance, they have spots open and fun/interesting people to meet.


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Herbal Spa

SEPTEMBER 16 | 12-1 PM

Milena from “Just the Goods” will teach you about the many ways dried herbs and flowers can be combined to create a perfectly relaxing at home spa experience.

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Spoon Carving


Amy from Bow & Arrow will teach you how to carve a wooden spoon using a gouge and a carving knife.

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Clay Creatures (SOLD OUT)


Meg from “Meg Does Pottery” is very well known for her “spacecats” and alpacas in her pottery repertoire. 

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Natural Bundle Dyeing

SEPTEMBER 25 | 7-9:30PM

Join textile artist Tamara Klassen for a workshop on natural dyeing.

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Sewing Basics

SEPTEMBER 20 | 6:30-9 PM

Learn the basics of your sewing machine with fashion designer, pattern maker, seamstress, tailor and teacher Lisa Dyck.

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Max Meditation


Join Janet Lewis for an hour of meditation on Sunday morning at the Forks.

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Part one 3-4 pm & Part 2: 5 pm (pay for on the day).

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Leather Leash & Collar

SEPTEMBER 26 | 6:30-9:30PM

Chuck From Earth & Hide will teach you how to create custom leather dog accessories.

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Basic Bike Maintenance

SEPTEMBER 29 | 2-3:30PM

Join Shane Young from St. Mary’s Olympia Cycle.

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Join Amie Seier from The Community Gym.


Learn new skills, meet amazing people, and most importantly support newcomers in Winnipeg be able to access education. We are funding a childcare music program that will teach both Canadian classics as well as music from their respective cultures, while the adults are taking ELA classes across the hall.

Sign up on their website

They’ll be just by Union station at the end of the cobblestone. They're the giant shipping container with the amazing mural done by @cockroach_sandwich and @mjohnston204


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