Rock out with the return of Crokicurl

Posted on Feb 08, 2023 by The Forks Market

The beloved game that combines two iconic Canadian pastimes: crokinole and curling, has returned to The Forks! 

Crokicurl is played with two or four players. The object of crokicurl is to accumulate the most points. This is achieved by shooting the rock into the centre button and positioning rocks on the playing surface within the highest scoring circles. Rules for play are posted at the crokicurl site. 

Rocks are accessed on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors are asked to limit their crokicurl games to one hour. It’s recommended the losing team treat the winning team to mini donuts, a cinnamon bun, or a round of drinks from The Common. 

The larger-than-life game can be experienced in The Forks Historic Port on Nestaweya River Trail, presented by The Winnipeg Foundation. It will stick around this winter as long as river conditions allow so come and play!

Fun fact - Crokicurl was created by Public City Architecture here in Winnipeg in 2017 and has since popped up across the country!


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