Pow Wow Etiquette

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by The Forks Market

We asked our friends at APTN if they were interested in providing us with this week's blog post on Pow Wow etiquette in preparation for this weekend's APTN Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration happening on The Forks site and the Scotiabank Stage. They provided us with a great piece! See for yourselves...

Pow Wow Etiquette

On June 22nd, during Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration, Manito Ahbee in partnership with APTN are proud to host The National Aboriginal Day Competition Pow Wow at The Forks. Although pow wows are wonderfully entertaining and spectators are always encouraged to attend, there are some pow wow etiquette tips we’d like to share.

  1. Ask permission before taking pictures of dancers. Many people are sensitive about pictures, so it is always good to be on the safe side and ask.

  2. Do not touch eagle feathers or other items without asking permission. Women who are menstruating are not allowed to be near or touch eagle feathers.

  1. Always stand during special songs. This includes Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran Songs, Memorial Songs, Prayer Songs, and any song the announcers designate. It is also customary to remove any hats that you have on for the duration of that song.

  2. Pay attention to the announcers. They will give all of the information you need, as well as entertain you and keep you posted on any news. They can answer any of your questions.

  1. Remember you are a guest. Have fun, ask questions and meet people. Everyone is welcome!

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