How to Prep for Canada Day at The Forks!

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 by The Forks Market

Our beautiful country's birthday is coming up quickly! On Friday, we celebrate 149 years of top-notch hockey, endless Tim Hortons runs, cold beer, and poutine at least once a week.

We've put together your Canada Day prep-guide, so you don't have to worry about forgetting the essentials on Friday!

1. Dress the part

Take everything you own that's red and white and find a place to put it. We're talking layers of red and white, bandanas, your mom's red earrings from the 70s, and Canadian flag temporary tattoos everywhere (extra points if you have a Canadian flag headband like this cutie)!

Don't have much red and white? Two Rivers in The Forks Market has a ton of Canadian gear.

2. Know the schedule

There's a ton happening at The Forks on Friday, so check the schedule and make sure you know where you want to be, and when you need to be there.

3. Plan to play

Head over to the Variety Heritage Adventure Playground during breaks between events to keep the kiddos entertained and having a blast.

4. Pack the essentials

Pack your favorite backpack with everything you'll need for the day. Here is a quick checklist of essentials:

  • Water bottle (to refill at the water fountains in The Forks Market)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bubbles (yes – we consider bubbles essentials)
  • A blanket to sit on
  • Some snacks or some cash for the food trucks
  • Your favorite pair of shades

5. Make sure you know the lyrics

Concerts are so much more fun when you can sing along with the band, EH? Manitoba Music has put together an amazing playlist of the musicians playing on Canada Day.

6. Pick a patio

Who doesn't love a late dinner on a patio? The patios on Canada Day have an extra special allure – everyone dressed in red and white, sipping drinks, and bursting out in a chorus of "O Canada"!

7. Practice makes perfect

Put on your favorite version of "O Canada" in the days leading up to Canada Day and warm up those vocal chords! Sarah McLachlan singing "O Canada" at the 2014 Heritage Classic gives us all the feels.

8. Wear closed-toe shoes

The crowds get bigger and more cramped in the evening, and unfortunately with that comes a lot of getting stepped on. The best way to avoid constant "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry"s, is to keep your toes protected!

9. Plan to visit both stages

There will be live music at the Main Stage in Festival Field and under The Canopy. So, pick who you want to see at each stage, so you don't miss any of your favorites.

10. Pick out a viewing spot

The fireworks start at 11:00 p.m., so make sure you get a spot early. The best ones fill up quickly! Some of the dreamiest spots are down by the river, along Tache Ave across the river, and on top of the hill in Festival Field.

See you Friday, Winnipeg!



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