It's gondola be smooth sailing into summer!

Posted on Apr 01, 2019 by The Forks Market

This spring, we're hitting two birds with one…boat.

Construction on a series of channels is underway that will be used to transport people from The Forks Market to the Railside parking lots across from the Canadian Museum For Human Rights by gondola, while helping to lessen the inevitable flooding of one of The Forks’ most beloved features, the Riverwalk.

We’ve managed to give people reasons to embrace winter and make it fun – the gondola initiative will help us do the same with the spring flood season. This solution will divert the water from flooding the Riverwalk, while giving people a fun and entertaining lift to their parked cars at the same time!

The channel will run along Israel Asper Way, and is anticipated to be operational by May long weekend.

If you've always yearned to add "gondola driver" to your resume, we're now accepting applications for operators (must be able to seranade in at least three languages).

Gondola rides, much like the existing Pedi-cab program, will be free – one of many services The Forks is able to offer using revenue generated by parking dollars.







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