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Posted on Jan 07, 2020 by Lindsay Somers

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Though the temperatures may not make it feel like Winnipeg winter has arrived yet, January is here. While we wait for Mother Nature’s plan to unfold for our swollen frozen rivers (safety first!), we all have to learn to go with the flow this year. Winter may look a little different — and we’re ok with it.

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It’s no secret that Winnipeg winter headquarters is (unofficially) The Forks. This year, we’re adapting to spending more time on land enjoying the activities and programming — and we’re noticing something pretty special about that.

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Arctic Glacier Winter Park is a giant outdoor playground where everyone plays together. No matter how hard you try — it’s never a solo experience. 

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The people of Winnipeg will undoubtedly pass you a puck if you happen to be holding a hockey stick skating on along the Manitoba 150 Trails to CN Stage. Or maybe, while walking outside the Market, you’re trying to figure out how the new Winnipeg winter crossover sport crokicurl works and before you know it, you’re invited to throw a stone to the button. 

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Hopping on to the horse-drawn wagon? Someone is smiling under their toque shuffling over to squeeze you and your ski pants into the last seat in the wagon. Or, new this winter: a new sweaty friend may pass you your robe as you emerge from the heat together in the community sauna. This winter, as landlubbers, Mother Nature will bring us all closer together at The Forks. 

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As the original meeting place, The Forks will always bring us together through our shared interests: a love of winter and a love of Winnipeg. 

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