Shoulder Season Solutions: Three Ways to be Active at the Forks This Month

Posted on Nov 01, 2017 by The Forks Market


November. The Thursday of winter. The colourful leaves of fall have left and the waiting game for real winter begins. It can be a challenge to find motivation to go outside and be active this month.

I work with all kinds of people with all kinds of challenges doing their best to make time and find a workout they actually enjoy doing. With that in mind, I’ve put together three different workouts for you to try this month to get you outside and moving (and training for skating season!).

Sally from St Vital says, “working out isn’t fun and I’m too busy anyway.”

  1. The November Project

This is one big workout party. I love this workout because it uses the urban space around The Forks as its gym. Climbing, lunging, jumping—it’s always fun and always different. The leaders are incredibly motivating in a positive shout-y way.

It’s no wonder they have a core dedicated following that keeps coming back. And, the best/worst part? It’s only on Wednesdays at 6:14am. There’s not much conflict at that time other than sleep.

Fun fact: morning worker-outers are more likely to stick to a program.

It’s really quite fun: I did a workout last year, which can read about here.

George from Garden City thinks, “meh, I’m so bored of the gym and I’m a lone wolf.”

  1. 20 minute Forks Workout

If giant workout groups and early mornings aren’t your thing, I have a great workout for you to do on your own, on your own time and at your own pace. It’s a great full-body workout that takes you on a tour around The Forks. I put it together as a spring workout, but (surprise!) you can do it year-round. It’s multi-level and a can be scaled up or down based on your fitness level.

Then, post workout, head on in to The Common for a glass of red wine while you stretch it out. Win-win! Bonus for parents of MTYP and Dance Conservatory students: you can do this workout and STILL have time for that glass of wine while your child is singing, dancing and acting!

Check out the full workout here.

Patty from Point Douglas feels, “my schedule is bananas and I don’t even have time to see my friends or family” workout.

  1. Walk/Run the Forks Loop date

I am a big fan of making my workout time multipurpose. It becomes much more than a workout, because it’s also valuable time I spend with people I like. My biggest tip to being consistent with your workout: have a buddy. I run outside year-round with my running pal. It’s invigorating and powerful to bundle up and go. Then, post loop, keep the conversation going and head on into The Common for a snack and a drink! There is no shame in motivational wine.

Try running and walking The Forks loop.

Still not convinced? I get it. Nothing is fun when you’re cold. Here’s a little song and dance reminder on how to start layering up for the cooler season.

Sound good? See you outside guys! Smile and say hi! ;)

Lindsay Somers is a Lifestyle Health Coach. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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