Almond Tree Makes Valentine's Day Easy

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 by The Forks Market

Tucked away in The Forks Market is the iconic yellow canopy of Almond Tree. Almond Tree is celebrating its 25th anniversary with The Forks and we took a look to see what Valentine's Day goodies they have to offer.

Exquisite chocolates is a classic Valentine's Day gift. Almond Tree carries a wide selection of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates. There is a huge variety of styles, flavours, and some chocolates you've probably never heard of before. If you really want to impress these chocolates are show-stoppers.

Leonidas chocolate displays at Almond Tree
Chocolates within chocolate!

A couple of tourists taste testing Almond Tree's Leonidas chocolates. One of the chocolates they bought was Cognac flavoured. Brandy and chocolate... it doesn't get much better than that!

Sesame, Spicy Pumpkin Seed, and Cherry-Coconut Brittle made right here in Winnipeg.If you are in a rush today (or forgot about Valentine's Day) Almond Tree has a bright red display full of all their Valentine's goodies. You can't miss it at The Forks Market.

Is your sweetie sick this Valentine's Day? Help soothe his/her aching throat with some yummy Raspberry Drops. Conveniently priced at $1.77.

Almond Tree has almost every flavour of European Ritter Sport chocolates. Ritter Sport mix-and-matches different types of chocolate with interesting fillings. Our favourite is the orange package (Milk Chocolate with Neapolitan Wafers). At the low price of $3.50 you can buy one for yourself AND one for your sweetheart.

PS- kids love these chocolates too!

Sometimes chocolate isn't the way to someones heart. But that's okay! Almond Tree has a huge selection of candy, nuts, dried fruit, Jelly Belly, fudge, and even PEZ Candy.

These dispensers are only $3.95. Great for kids

Coconut MarshmallowsThe biggest Oreo ever! Oreo Cookie FudgeThe Forks is a great place for a last minute Valentine's Day date. Any Valentine would be impressed with the large selection of food vendors, restaurants, shops, and activities. Don't forget that many of the stores at The Forks Market carry one-of-a-kind jewelry just in case she's dropped a couple hints. Take a romantic skate down the Red River Mutual Trail then warm up inside with Mini Doughnuts and a trip to Almond Tree.

Make sure you visit the most romantic Warming Hut called Nuzzles


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