Get Going: What You Need To Know About GoManitoba

Posted on Oct 24, 2017 by The Forks Market


So, what is it?

GoManitoba is a network of people who need to get placed and help each other get there.

It is a ride-sharing app that connects you with people who take similar commutes as you – whether that be by bike, foot, transit, car, or other, so you can ride together for a whole list of really good reasons.

This way, we can all work together to create a more sustainable way to get where we're going and meet some cool people along the way.

How do I use it?

Go to the GoManitoba app or on your browser, and start a profile. It will ask you for the usuals – email, phone, etc. – and then it will prompt you to start entering trips you make often and how you get there. You can use the app to enter places you're going, how, and when to find people doing the same.

Follow the steps and explore a little.

Why should I use it?

We have a long list of reasons why this is awesome, but here's the highlight reel...

Bye bye rush hour madness
By carpooling, you're taking at least one more car off the road. So, every person that jumps in the car with you – that's one less car in front of you while you're trying to get to work on time. Less cars = less traffic = more smiles. Biking and transit will get even more cars off the road!

Easy breezy parking
Less cars on the road also means less competition for the primo parking spots. Find some people in the area that are also coming to The Forks on a busy Sunday, home games for all the Winnipeg teams, downtown for a concert (you get the idea), and hop in with them.

Shrink that footprint
You don't need us to tell you that biking, taking public transit, and carpooling reduce greenhouse gases, and make our planet happier.

Save some $$$

Trade gas for leg-power. Split gas and parking. The app will track just how much money you're saving along the way. Money you can use treat yourself to a pizza from Red Ember Common opening SO soon. ????

What if I'm not comfortable taking my bike or public transit?

On the app, you can find your bike or transit sensei. OR – be the sensei by clicking on the graduation cap icon when selecting ride methods.

Want to know how to be someone with those huge bike tires showing the snowy roads who's boss? You can find someone on GoManitoba who can show you all the tips, tricks, and best routes.

Want to start taking the bus to work but nervous about having to switch buses half-way through? You can find someone to give you all the Winnipeg Transit pointers, including etiquette like leaving the front seats open for those who need it, and waiting until the green light comes on above before trying to open the back door.

Where can I read more?

To get to know everything and anything about GoManitoba, peruse these links:


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