Tour du Chocolat

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 by The Forks Market

Semi-sweet, dark, light, milk chocolate- the options are endless and delicious. On April 18-19, The Forks Market is partnering with Ciao! to present the Tour du Chocolat, a unique Forks take on chocolate. For only $7, you can purchase a passport and try everything from chocolate perogies to deep fried mars bars. We have over 20 samples at our shops for you to savour, and you won't want to miss a single one.

We also have three students from the Pastry Art program at Louis Riel Arts &Technology Centre joining us for the festivities. Each student will be sculpting with chocolate to create a masterpiece that will be auctioned off at the end of the two-day event. We talked to each of the students to find out what they will be creating and a few of their favourite chocolate treats!

Hoping to pursue a career in pastry arts, Quin entered the pastry program in September. She's excited to be graduating in June.

What is Quin going to sculpt?

The only sculpture I have ever made was a small isomalt sugar sculpture, but prior to hearing about the chocolate festival, I had never attempted to make anything out of chocolate before. I'm anxious to see the end product, but I'm also very nervous that things won't turn out as planned.
I hope to create a bit of an underwater themed piece simply because as I was sketching out my plan, that is what became of the shapes I was creating

What's Quin's favourite chocolate?

As I am more of a sour jujube type of person, I find it hard to pick only one favorite chocolate, but I always find myself leaning towards anything milk chocolate filled with caramel.

Leandra entered the program at Louis Riel Arts &Technology Centre because she wanted to learn more about styles and techniques as a pastry chef. This is her first time working on chocolate like this and she's really looking forward to it.

What is Leandra going to sculpt?

The creation that I want to achieve is a carriage like the one off of Cinderella. Why did I choose this? Well, the new Cinderella movie that just came out it inspired me. The details of the carriage and how it was all gold it was such a phenomenal prop in the movie. And to try and hopefully create something like that would be amazing!

What is Leandra's favourite chocolate?

My favorite is milk chocolate or dark . I love both kinds, but not for any particular reason. I am just a fan of chocolate I guess.

Only 18 years old, Erica has been working hard to learn the skills of a baker. A soon-to-be graduate of the program, Erica is also new to sculpting chocolate, but is looking forward to the challenge.

What is Erica going to sculpt?

For my chocolate sculpture I am hoping to create something weird shaped using different shapes and sizes.

What is Erica's favourite chocolate?

My favorite type of chocolate is milk chocolate because I think it tastes the best and it has a nice and smooth mouth feel.


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