Celebrating One Year of Great Beer and Delicious Wine at The Forks

Posted on Jun 08, 2017 by The Forks Market

A long time ago, we had a dream of bringing some of the best beer and wine to The Forks Market and letting you wander around The Market with your glass in hand on a sunny Saturday. A year ago, this dream became a reality, and we filled our kegs and wine fridges and let that sweet liquid poor through the taps for the first time.

On Friday, June 9, we will be celebrating this incredible first year of The Common and all The Market’s other updates with a little shindig, and you’re invited! Raise a glass with us, shimmy around to some music, and enjoy a beer-glazed mini-doughnuts and beer ice cream floats. Yeah, what!? We’re dying to try both of those!

Third + Bird will also have vendors perched on the second floor of The Market for you to hunt down something perfect for the father figure in your life.

So what does a year of post-run beers with friends and flights of wine with your girlfriends look like? Take a look.

This is year one of The Common.

We started by gathering an all-star, local team to design the space for you to sip your craft beer and wine.

Cloverdale Forge used their expert blacksmithing skills to create metal-work charging stations, Wood Anchor pieced together the beautiful wooden tables, and Huron Woodwork created the flights we sip our drinks from.

Just like that, we were ready to serve our first drink, and this was the lucky gentleman to get the first sip from The Common's taps.

This couple was the first to immortalize The Common in their wedding photos.

We even gathered together to sing Wheat Kings with Gord and raise our glasses to him.

So, join us from 4:00 pm until we get tired of dancing (maybe never) like we did one year ago, and raise a glass to all the memories we've made in the past year and the many, many, MANY more to come!

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