Four ways to feel good now

Posted on Mar 06, 2019 by Lindsay Somers


It's been a long winter—that Polar Vortex was no joke. Good news: it only gets better from here! We can finally start to take off some layers, expose our faces again, and begin to ponder spring and the upcoming change in season.

We could probably all use a little pick-me-up right about now. Something to put a little pep back in our steps, shake out the winter doldrums, and come back to life! As we begin our slow ascent to spring, I’ve put together four ways to help you feel good right now:


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1. Connect to your body

Hibernation season is over. You can come out now! Unshrug those tense winter shoulders with a sweaty workout. Loosen up! Move around. Shake it out. Do you even remember what it’s like to be hot and sweat? Or if you’re more of a zen worker outer, re-connect to your body, breathe, and begin with some restorative yoga.

The Community Gym pop up schedule at The Forks

Amanda Coe Yoga classes in Room 201 at The Forks

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2. Trip Plan

Look forward to something! While the weather figures itself out, there’s no reason we can’t start planning our summer fun now. Research summer long weekend AirBnB cabin rentals. Grab some travel books and start planning your European summer adventure. Or start making your camping lists! It’s a great time to plan, and the new second-floor lounge in the market is soooo comfy (with wifi!). McNally has some great books on travel near and far. ;)

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3. Retail Therapy

It’s true: a little pick me up can go a long way. Those parkas are feeling so heavy and grubby by this time of year. Lighten up with something new and inspiring to put on your body! My new earrings from D-Construct are bringing me all kinds of joy. There is a real spring in my step when I’m wearing them. 

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4. Use your Hands

When is the last time you made something that wasn’t dinner? It’s relaxing to let those creative juices flow in new ways! Feel the earth again. Sculpt your way into spring! Get dirty using your hands! Express all your pent-up winter frustrations with clay and mud!

Ceramic Workshop with Artist Jordan Van Sewell

Beer and Botany Workshop with Freshcut Downtown

Spring is right around the corner, let's do this!

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