September: The New Year, part two.

Posted on Sep 04, 2019 by Lindsay Somers

Anyone else feel like September is the new year, part two? The French call this time of year “la rentrée” which literally translates to “the return.” It signals the end of summer and its lazy days with a return to school, work and well, real life.  We all have to put on our long pants and get on with it.

As we start to demand more of ourselves with schedules and new commitments, it’s a great opportunity to take a look at what we’re doing every day (read: routine!) to check-in and see if there are any new little nudges or habits to adopt to make our days a bit better.


Here are our five habit nudges to try this fall:

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1. Enjoy the harvest - eat real food again 

Living in agri-rich Manitoba provides us with some excellent vegetables this time of year. Did you know that as part of our Target Zero initiative we have an urban public garden for you to pick and enjoy too! Our friends at Smith Restaurant often prepare meals with these vegetables too. Now, that’s eating local! If getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing - there are many other vegetables picked, washed, cut and prepared ready for you to enjoy in the market like these great beet and tomato-bocconcini salads from Simon’s Steaks

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2. Get moving - with fun

Take the enthusiasm of January resolutions and mix it with the lazy days of summer and you get: exercise reality. Now is the time to connect to your body in a way that works for you. No big proclamations here. Look at your schedule, what time of day works best for you? What do you actually enjoy doing? How can you create time for that? Here at The Forks, we have all sorts of workouts. Perhaps one is right for you? An early morning urban bootcamp? Join a running group on Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening or Saturday morning? A dance class? Are you a senior or a new Mom looking to connect and move; there are classes for that too! Or maybe a self-scheduled walk with a pal around the loop is more your speed? Bottom line: find something you (actually) want to do. 


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3. Be kind - to the environment

This fall, when packing lunches - start the new habit to skip the single-use plastic. Our friends at Forks Trading Company have these incredible Leabee Beeswax Food Wraps. Made with 100% cotton fabric, and infused with Manitoba beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, these wraps are a sustainable alternative to wrap up your sandwiches and snacks. Forks Trading Company also has an entire line of reusable lunch boxes and more food storage options that can reduce your environmental impact as we start a new school year.

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4. Be kind - to yourself

As we put things back on our plate this fall - decide to create space for yourself in your new routine. Don’t under-estimate the power of 15 minutes of solo time - it can be your daily dose of zen. Adopt a morning solo walk routine before school drop off. Seamlessly segue your summer beach reading into cozy fall reading. Or light some candles and relax in a nightly bubble bath. Whatever is your solo mojo is - carve out the time for it.

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5. Skip the booze

Have all the hangout without all the hangover. Reign in those long summer patio days trying out other things to drink. Explore the land of sober curious. Next time you’re at The Common, try a glass of Töst, a dry and effervescent white tea, white cranberry and ginger drink. Or swap your beer for a non-alcoholic one. Psst: more great non-alcoholic options are coming soon to The Common!

September, nice to see you again. We like you and your routines - they're good for us.


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