Getting Cozy: Winter Prep in The Forks Market

Posted on Oct 16, 2017 by The Forks Market


We saw it. It's real. It's coming. ❄️

Soon there will be many more mornings where we wake up and look out the window to find everything blanketed in a fresh layer of snow. That means it's time to face the chilly reality and get prepped for the season ahead.

We've scoured The Forks Market for every scarf, mitt, toque, and sweater we can hide ourselves in to master the "I'm not cold" look us Winnipeggers are so good at.

Here's what you need, folks:


This hat takes us back to the days of the Canadian fur trade – a lot of which happened right here at The Forks from 1738 to 1880 thanks to our might rivers. Imagine skating on those very rivers with this warming your noggin. It's pretty much time travel.

Teekca's has moccasins and mukluks for every size foot, even the tiniest ones. This is how Indigenous peoples have kept their toes warm for thousands of years, so it's safe to say they'll do the same for you.

Forks Trading Co.

Okay, how great are these? They're almost so good we want to wear these long johns over our jeans and hoodies.

If you didn't find the right moccasin at Teekca's, Forks Trading Co. also has a full stock of colours and sizes to find the pair that fits both your feet and personality.

Stop stealing your dad's garbage mits. We know – they're the best, which is why you should give him back the pair he's had for 32 years and get a pair of your own. They're super warm and last forever.

Lorac Designs has a pile of knit wonderfulness we want to wear all the time – especially this thick, cowl scarf. Everything is knit right here in Winnipeg, so you know it's made for the weather.

SF Imports

If you want something a little more chic, these hats scream luxury. They're made right here in Winnipeg by a Ukrainian gentleman who has mastered the craft after creating fur hats and gloves for years.

And don't forget the gloves to match!

Two Rivers

Two Rivers has the shmorgishborg (yes, that's how you spell it) of Canadiana – toques, mitts, scarves, knit sweaters, socks.

This mitts are especially good for cradling Fools & Horses' current feature latte – salted caramel.

We are proud to be Canadian, and we're going to do the equivalent of screaming it from the Market Tower by donning all the maple leaves.

Gilbert's Stones

"Ouh la-la," we thought when seeing the new scarf-ponchos at Gilbert's Stones. We're thinking black jeans, leather boots, and one of these beauties. We also love the idea of having the fur peek through the top of a buttoned up peacoat.

Bundle up & keep warm, Winnipeg!

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