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The Warming Huts v.2023 competition has officially launched and is now accepting submissions for the 13th annual Arts and Architecture Competition on Ice.

Viewing and interacting with winning Warming Huts past and present along the Nestaweya River Trail has become a Manitoba tradition as locals and visitors skate, ski, bike, or walk the trail each winter. With 13 years of competition winners, you’ll find upwards of 20 huts spread throughout the River Trail, Upper Trails, and The Forks site each season.

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Melding world-class design and art with Winnipeg’s famous winters, the Warming Huts competition has seen entries from across the globe and caught the attention of international architecture publications, and admiration from the New York Times.

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This is an open competition supported by the Manitoba Association of Architects. Three teams will be selected as winners of the Warming Huts Competition v.2023, selected by a “blind” jury based on designs that best push the envelope of design, craft, and art.

Visit the Warming Huts website here to view the competition rules and resources.

Click here to submit your design proposal.

The deadline for submission to the Warming Huts Competition:
Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 2:00pm CST.

Bring on the competition!

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