How to patio with The Common

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 by The Forks Market

It’s been so much fun sharing our patio with you this summer! The Common Patio is a new concept and we’re psyched to be able to call it ours. Here are a few tips on how to properly patio with us:

1) You’ll notice signs like the around the perimeter of the patio to let you know where the patio ends.

Please don’t bring alcohol outside of the licensed areas - especially down by the river!

IMG_7264 copy.JPG (473 KB)

2) Last year Manitoba passed the legislation for no smoking on any licensed outdoor space. This includes our patio. Use the signs as a guide if you’re looking for a place to smoke.


3) We love when you ride your bike here! There are tons of places to lock your bike close to the patio. Please walk your bike through the patio area to keep accidents from happening and everyone safe.


4) We love seeing your dogs safely enjoying the patio too - please keep them on a leash at all times.

IMG_7596.JPG (366 KB)

5) Take your flights outside! Although we don’t sell flights on the patio, you can certainly purchase them inside and enjoy them on the patio.


6) The same goes for cash - we only accept debit and credit on the patio, but anything you purchase inside you can bring outside!

flight.JPG (190 KB)

7) If you need some guidance - ask one your bartender. They’re wine and beer expects on our lists and can help you sample before you decide.


8) Help us keep the area clean and wildlife safe by throwing out any garbage in the bins provided - especially on windy days! You’ll notice Common staff around to help clean up too.


Thanks for following along! See you on the patio.

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