Glow Up : The ice resurfacer is resurfaced!

Posted on Jan 23, 2024 by The Forks Market

The ice resurfacer at The Forks is a versatile tool, with many roles. It keeps our ice clear and smooth for easy gliding. It plays a part in our Target Zero initiatives, by utilizing vegetable oil from The Forks Market to run its engine and roll its wheels. And now, it's a canvas of captivating public art, thanks to the creative touch of visual artist Kale Bonham.

Kale is an Anishinaabe artist, originally from the north end of Winnipeg who now lives in Los Angeles where she works as a tattoo artist. She also creates designs for the urban streetwear brand, Red Rebel Armour, and enjoys doing portraits, paintings, and digital illustrations.

Public art has a magical way of turning ordinary moments into sources of inspiration and engagement. With the ice resurfacer transformed into a mobile art installation, it invites everyone to appreciate the beauty found in unexpected places, every time it rolls past.

The illustrations wrapping the machine are inspired Kale's experiences of skating on the river at night. With the open air, a peaceful atmosphere, and the quiet winter hum found in the absence of a crowd, the river trail is an invitation to connect with nature and marvel in the beauty of our city.

The ice resurfacer has undergone a true glow-up, emerging as a beacon of creativity and a celebration of Winnipeg's winter wonderland. So, next time you spot the machine in action at The Forks, take a moment to appreciate the unexpected beauty it brings – a testament to the transformative power of public art.

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