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Posted on Nov 07, 2018 by The Forks Market

November: not quite winter and not quite fall. As we await the twinkly winter magic we’re going inward and getting cozy this month at The Forks.

We’re taking advantage of this in-between season and inviting you to take some time for yourself to slow down, unplug and be present with us.

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The Forks is pleased to host a new pilot program: community yoga! Every Saturday for the month of November from 10-11 am in room 201 upstairs in The Market. All are welcome to practice yoga regardless of experience, gender, sexual orientation, race or economic background. It’s free for all to attend.

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Classes will be led by Andrea Robin in Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga. Andrea walks the perfect balance of translating the traditional Sanskrit roots of the practice to the realities of the non-yogi who just wants to stretch, breathe and connect to their body.

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All practices will work on strength, flexibility and in some cases - endurance. There will be breath work (pranayama) and relaxation during savasana. With a focus on being present, classes will offer opportunities to connect with your body and breath through contentment (santosha), discomfort (dukka) and finding balance in life and your practice (suka). The class is designed for all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis and everyone in between.

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Class space is limited. Doors open at 9:30am. To book your spot, sign the registration form at the door and drop off your mat. Perhaps grab a pre-yoga latte from Fools + Horses? New to yoga and mat-less? Don’t worry, we’ll have a few on hand if you need one!

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As this is a pilot program, your feedback is so important to help us develop more community recreational programming. In exchange for your participation, we ask that you participate in a two-minute email survey.

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We are so excited to offer this program and want to continue to be your four season community club in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Namaste!


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