Spot the changes at The Forks Market

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 by The Forks Market

It’s summertime at The Forks, and next time you visit the Market, you might just notice a few changes!

Unique Ireland:

The British Invasion happened last year at The Forks with the opening of Unique Ireland, but more recently they’ve expanded and moved to a different location.

“Everyone wants to be Irish,” says shop owner Bryan, who is of Irish decent and decided to open the store after selling merchandise at the Irish Folklorama pavilion for years and years.

If you haven’t visited the shop before, expect to find, yes, all kinds of Irish items – from shirts to scarves to jewelry and artwork, including Celtic knot tiles made right here in Manitoba.

But not to worry – if your heart or roots lie elsewhere in the UK, Bryan carries merchandise for you too.

“Don’t be fooled by the name,” he says. He carries goods from England, Scotland, and Wales too. And he’ll even help you find your clan’s particular plaid.

Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry is described by its own tagline: a prairie celebration of Ukrainian and Eastern European cuisine. Baba’s has joined the ever-popular and delicious Tall Grass Prairie/Grassroots Prairie Kitchen family here at The Forks Market.

Baba’s offers takeaway Ukrainian and Eastern European favourites like cabbage rolls and perogies, but with a uniquely Manitoba twist.

Like all of the delicious selections at Tall Grass and Grassroots, Baba’s food is locally sourced and supports Manitoba farmers while packing in as many nutrients as possible.

Options include potato and Bothwell cheddar, cottage cheese and fresh dill, and homemade sauerkraut with caramelized onion perogies, and local organic bison with bacon and brown rice and vegan traditional buckwheat with caramelized onion, mushroom and red lentil cabbage rolls, accompanied by seasonal, traditional salads.

Be sure to come with an appetite next time you visit the Market!


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