Teekca's Aboriginal Boutique

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by The Forks Market

Like many Forks Market tenants, Marilyn Tanner – Spence didn’t initially plan on owning her own business. Prior to taking the huge step of opening her own boutique, Marilyn was involved in everything from nursing to being a stay-at-home Mom.

Marilyn’s passion for crafts inspired her to start her own boutique, Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique. The idea resulted in the opening of multiple stores across Manitoba. Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique can now be found in Norway House, Thompson, The Pas and The Forks, with each location providing unique items relevant to their location.

Marilyn was born in Rossburn, Manitoba but recognized The Forks, Winnipeg as a unique tourist destination and an ideal location for her business. While the first few years of shop ownership proved to be a challenge, it wasn’t long until Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique had established a strong clientèle which allowed the business to thrive.

Located on the second floor of The Fork’s Market, Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique supplies customers with a solid collection of different segments that comprise an authentic Aboriginal store. The store is filled with stunning, cultural items that are handcrafted by First Nations people. The boutique specializes in dream catchers and moccasins that are driven by customer requests. A variety of handmade artwork is carried such as paintings, prints, cards, southwest jewelry, turquoise pieces and beadwork. To help Winnipeggers survive the winter months, Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique provides Aboriginal clothing staples, such as mukluks, moccasins and mitts. A unique section of their boutique also sells herbal medications.

Throughout her seven years as a tenant of The Forks, Marilyn has grown to love the locality, community, and opportunity to meet visitors from all over the world. Teekca's Aboriginal Boutique has been visited by more movie stars than Marilyn can count. Tourists continue to flock to the boutique to acquire authentic Canadian keepsakes.


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